Free 90 Day Home Warranty

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Free 90 Day Home Warranty

Total View Home Inspections provides a no cost Ninety (90) Day Residential Home Warranty. Features include a recall check on the home’s HVAC and Appliances. In addition, the policy provides coverage up to Two Thousand ($2,000) for structural damage, and Five Hundred ($500) on mechanical damage.

90 Day Warranty

90Day_DecalThe 90 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty is FREE on all of RIA’s complete home inspections for home buyers. This warranty covers the structural and mechanical components in the structure for a period of 90 days from the inspection date or 22 days from the property closing, whichever is longer. Read the exact warranty coverage and let us know if you have any questions.


RecallChekThe RecallChek on appliances for life is FREE on all of Total View Home Inspection’s complete home inspections for home buyers. Many potential safety hazards exist due to manufacturer recalls on appliances, but how do you know if the home you are purchasing has a recalled appliance? You’ll receive a FREE Recall Report within 48 hours of your home inspection. You can also add additional or as many appliances as you want anytime. Find out more about how RecallChek works and let us know if you have any questions.

Why Ken Etzler?

Ken Etzler Home InspectorKen began his journey as an inspector many decades ago in the United States Military as a C-5 maintenance specialist. Each plane had to be inspected before and after each mission. Lives depended on it. Not only for those on board but routine inspections helped ensure that each mission was as successful as possible. Now, as the owner of Total View Home Inspections, Ken knows his clients are depending on him to help them complete one of the most difficult missions of their lives. The purchaser of a home. Read More

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